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The Three Most Hated Places in New York State

In the grand scheme of things, New York State isn’t exactly a state universally loved by outsiders; even current residents elsewhere.

Its high cost of living and high taxes are usually the main reason for this, along with the harsh weather and winters in some parts of the state.

However, there is a lot to like about the state.

The food is amazing, especially on opposite spectra of state geography. New York and Buffalo have amazing food. The nightlife in places like New York is also wonderful.

Then you have the fall. New York State might be the best state for October in the country. It has perfect fall foliage and tons of fall activities to participate in.

There is no doubt that some animosity exists for certain parts of the state and it is for different reasons. Maybe it’s the weather. Maybe it’s the lack of things to do or the horrible traffic. Maybe even the people there, whether it’s fair to say it or not, the discussion remains.

Sporting rivalries also play a part in this. Things can get quite heated when it comes to sports rivalries and this state is a lightning rod for animosity. You probably already have some fanbases in mind for this topic.

Which places are more hated than others?

Here are the three most hated places in New York State.

The Three Most Hated Places in New York State

The three most hated places in New York State.

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