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The NJEA announcement is insulting, disgusting and proof that they are out of control

The newest ad promoting the New Jersey Education Association debuted this week and garnered national media attention for its attack on NJ parents.

The ad depicts happy, sweet students and teachers in color and contrasts with still black-and-white photos of angry parents at school board meetings. Parents across the country, including here in New Jersey, are upset that many school boards are failing to address their complaints about programs they deem inappropriate for their children.

The ad shows absolute out-of-control arrogance and disregard for New Jersey taxpayers and especially parents and their children. He portrays worried parents as angry extremists. The reason they may be angry is that their children’s future is at stake and in many cases they feel powerless to have a say in what is taught in public schools. We pay for it and have no control.

via NJEA on YouTube

via NJEA on YouTube

Most of the control is exercised by the all-powerful NJEA. They get our money in the form of property taxes, and some cities spend up to 85% of that bill on education. Let’s be clear.

Teachers and even local branches are not to blame here. Many of them also have children in public school, although many teachers and administrators send their children to private or home schools. About 22% of them do. This is double the national average.

Hmmm. The advertisement shows how much they despise the people who pay their wages.

The NJEA president only makes half a million dollars a year, but he’s new to the business. Its predecessors did much better.

The total average salary for NJEA officers is approximately seven times the average salary of a teacher. A lot of teachers’ union dues are spent on advertising to tell us how great they are.

Why would a teachers’ union need to advertise anyway. They have a captured market with no property taxes and with most of their political donations going to Democrats, they have already bought and paid for the legislature and the governor’s office.

The NJEA used its hardworking teachers and our tax dollars to donate $15.5 million for Governor Murphy’s re-election campaign Last year.

Thus, they feel empowered to say or do whatever they want. This includes calling long-suffering, overworked and worried parents EXTREMISTS.

The NJEA has absolute power in this state. As the old saying goes, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts ABSOLUTELY.

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