Speeding tickets in Allentown, New Jersey now require a court appearance

If you get a speeding ticket while driving through Allentown, be warned: you’ll be back.

The village at the west end of Monmouth County is often used as a shortcut to Route 195 by trucks and cars that do not obey posted speed limits of 25 and 30 mph.

The tired borough council has set up the first of its new ‘speed enforcement zone’ on Main Street (County Road 524) which will require a court appearance which comes with additional fines in more than speeding.

Mayor Thomas Fritts said Allentown was renamed from a borough to a historic village center after spending grants that encourage walking through its commercial and historic area in the center of town.

“It’s really about protecting the community, not just our children who are in town every day, but our families, our seniors who go to the local pharmacy and restaurants, visitors who are here for tours or just to take advantage of the parks and the little shops and restaurants that we have,” Fritts told New Jersey 101.5.

Traffic congestion, speeding or otherwise, has worsened over time due to industrial development on the outskirts of the village and new residential areas on the border.

There is also a move that Allentown not be designated to allow 2-ton trucks. The designation must be renewed annually by the borough council.

Allentown NJ map

Map of Allentown, NJ (Google Maps)

Not for the money

The areas are “overwhelmingly supported” by residents and those who live on the outskirts of Allentown, according to Fritts. He said residents of the nearby Upper Freehold who send their children to schools in Allentown understand the need to curb speeding.

Fritts acknowledges that there is some opposition to the zones from those who see the plan as a revenue generator, a claim the mayor denies.

“If it was about making money, we wouldn’t be promoting it anywhere and everywhere. That’s not the point.” said Fritt. “It’s not a big driver of extra court revenue for us. The idea is to let people know that you shouldn’t be speeding here so you don’t get pulled over and get a ticket. It It’s more about protecting our residents and visitors than it’s about generating money.

MidJersey.news was the first to report on speed enforcement zones.

Main Street in Allentown

Main Street in Allentown (MidJersey.news)

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