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Residents accuse Bradford at Avon City Council of ‘jumping the gun’ with community lodge proposals

ANGRY residents have accused Bradford at Avon City Council of ‘jumping the gun’ with his proposals for a new community pavilion on a local green space at Culver Close Playgrounds.

The proposed new facility would replace the Cricket Club’s existing premises at Pound Lane and provide accommodation for local sports clubs and other community users.

At a town development committee meeting on Tuesday, residents expressed serious concerns about the design of the two-storey facility and its proposed location near the main B3019 and Frome Road.

Up to 25 residents have formed the group Friends of Culver Close to oppose the scheme, which they say will flout national planning and Wiltshire Council policy.

They said the cost had not been fully costed and the council had failed to produce a business plan, as well as financial, environmental, parking and transport plans for its proposals.

One member, who did not wish to be named, told councillors: “There are so many flaws in this proposal and the process followed that it is worrying and surprising that it has progressed so far, given that it is so blatantly contrary to state and local laws. planning policy.

‘A sensible redevelopment of the existing footprint can provide all that the council is looking for and would have the support of the local population.’

Another member of the group said: “We have serious concerns about the proposal in its current form.

“Until the board answers these questions fully and establishes all the facts, we don’t believe they can make an informed decision.

“We are all in favor of improving the sports facilities in the city, but we believe that the Council/Cricket Club’s preferred option is wrong for reasons of planning, environment, parking and financial risk.

“The current pavilion is not fit for purpose, but redesigning the existing footprint would be a significantly cheaper, more responsive, lower risk and lower impact solution.

“We are also concerned that due process in terms of consultation with residents of Bradford on Avon and the wider community has not been adequate and questions about potential conflicts of interest.”

The group tabled a list of more than 50 questions relating to the proposals, which committee chairman Cllr Jack Vittles confirmed had been sent to Wiltshire Council as part of a pre-planning request.

In response to concerns, Cllr Vittles promised council would undertake ‘additional consultation’ and produce a timetable of key decision points to allow residents to have their say.