NJ man wanted for using stolen maps after crashing stolen Jeep

An Essex County man found in a stolen Jeep last week is currently wanted for using stolen credit cards.

Elijah Harden, 31, of East Orange, has previously been charged with receiving stolen property and resisting arrest and has been released on his own recognizance, pending court appearance.

The Jeep was reported stolen from someone’s driveway in Branchburg on March 20, according to Acting Somerset County District Attorney Thomas Chirichella.

Branchburg officers contacted Newark police after determining the stolen vehicle was spotted in a specific area of ​​the city.

He was seen the next day being driven by Harden on Avon Avenue, who lost control and hit a parked car, Chirichella said, then tried to flee before he was arrested.

Branchburg police later searched the Jeep and recovered six credit cards belonging to a North Branch area resident and one credit card belonging to a Bridgewater resident.

At least one of those cards was used to make an unauthorized purchase, police said.

Harden has since been charged in Branchburg with third-degree fraudulent use of a credit card and fourth-degree counts of fraudulent possession of a credit card and unauthorized use of a credit card. .

He is now considered a wanted suspect and had not been arrested as of Wednesday.

Law enforcement officials have stressed the urgency of locking vehicles and removing keys and fobs when not being driven – even when parked in a driveway – in the middle of a recent increase in car thefts.

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