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New massage studio in Bradford on Avon town center

A new massage studio has just opened in Bradford-on-Avon town centre, specializing in pregnancy and postnatal treatments.

Mother-of-two Lindsay Furness has finally fulfilled her long-held ambition of creating her own permanent base, simply named Bradford on Avon Massageand has high hopes for the future.

“It’s been my dream since my son was born – and he’s nine now,” said Lindsay, 42.

In fact, it was raising her own children that set her on this path.

She said: “I specialized in pregnancy massage. I retrained when my son was a baby, so I really connected with that.

“I really sympathized with what women go through and it’s special to be able to play a small part in it.”

Bradford on Avon Massage” alt=”This is Wiltshire: Inside Bradford on Avon Massage” class=”editor-image”/>Inside Bradford on Avon Massage

At 33 weeks pregnant myself – and feeling every one of them – Lindsay’s empathy shone through and when I was asked to try a massage myself, it was too tempting to decline.

Stepping out of Market Street straight into the single room with a simple screen separating the treatment space from the consultation area – the studio is certainly cozy.

But with the blinds drawn and the door locked behind you in the by-appointment-only operation, you’ll soon feel perfectly private and the low road noise far less disruptive than expected. And it’s laid out rather stylishly, with the studio clearly freshly renovated.

After a good chat to talk about my needs over a delicious locally grown herbal tea, we started the 1 hour treatment – all of which are charged at £60.

This Is Wiltshire: The lovely Lindsay Furness who will put you perfectly at easeThe charming Lindsay Furness who will put you perfectly at ease

Although I wear fewer clothes than I would normally like when meeting someone in a semi-professional capacity, it’s easy to feel completely comfortable around Lindsay.

The treatment itself was fantastic. I felt truly comfortable for the first time in a long time with her perfectly placed pillows. And there was no wussy feather-like tickle that some pregnancy treatments adhere to.

She really went into this with the level of strength I desired – while feeling perfectly safe in capable hands. Because let’s face it, you never need a “good” massage for your aches and pains more than when you’re pregnant.

Every time I opened my eyes from deep semi-conscious relaxation, I encountered beautiful seascapes that, like pleasantly scented oils, are a staple of massage parlors.

This Is Wiltshire: works by local artists are available for purchaseWorks by local artists are available for purchase

But as with everything in Lindsay’s business, these paintings are carefully considered to also support local artists. Paintings are available for purchase commission-free if a customer wishes to take some of the zen home with them.

Lindsay is passionate about supporting other local businesses and especially empowering women. She employs a few single mothers to cover her shifts, understanding how important it is for them to be able to choose hours that suit their families – as she herself has to do.

“The main thing is not having to compromise as a mom — being able to do something I love while having a good work-life balance,” she said.

I left the studio not only feeling in a glorious fog of physical relaxation – but emotionally “seen”, supported and part of a valuable community enterprise.

I can only sincerely hope to see Lindsay prosper. And with the heightened awareness of self-care post-pandemic, I think she has every reason to do so – especially in such a supportive community as Bradford on Avon.

Learn more about bradfordonavonmassage.co.uk