Most Expensive Homes Sold in 2021 New Jersey Real Estate

The real estate market continues to be off the charts!

Homes are selling in record time, and many New Jersey homes are being sold above asking price and sometimes, for cash.

Crazy…i know…

With the real estate market being so hot and heavy, it’s no surprise that some of the homes sold were worth… uh… A DOOZY and a half!

But how much do you think the most expensive house in New Jersey sold for in 2021?

Any guesses? I bet your estimate is too low.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 most expensive homes sold in New Jersey in 2021 according to NJ.com:

Most Expensive Homes Sold in New Jersey in 2021

Let’s just take this time to pretend that we all have millions to spend on real estate. Here are the most expensive homes sold in New Jersey in 2021:

Twenty-six million dollars?! I am shaken.

The fact that there are people who can afford to spend that on the house baffles me.

It has 21 rooms, so for the gentleman or madam who made the purchase, when can I move in?

You can take a closer look at these top 5 homes at NJ.com.

And while we’re talking about real estate, property taxes go hand in hand with that.

2021 NJ Property Taxes: See How Your City Compares

Find your municipality in this alphabetical list to see how its average property tax bill for 2021 compares to others. You can also see how much the average bill has changed since 2020. For an interactive map version, click here. And for the full analysis by New Jersey 101.5, read this story.

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