Here’s What We Should Do About The NJ Walmart Bomb Threats (Opinion)

Every time a bomb threat is issued at a school in New Jersey, officials panic, parents go nuts, and then the school is closed.

This is the exact cycle of events that the person who called the threat is trying to make happen. He’s probably a college student who wants to avoid his scheduled detention that day or just a troublemaker. There is an investigation, nothing is found and school resumes.

When it comes to the school, the school administrators need to panic and shut down the facility because otherwise they risk the wrath of angry parents. Even if nothing happens, which is the case most of the time, parents want to know that their school is closed and that their children are safe and sound.

But when it comes to other types of bomb threats, like the ones that have been called out at Walmart stores all over New Jersey lately, can we all just relax? Do we really think a suicide bomber is going to warn us BEFORE he bombs us? When has a bomb threat ever led to a real bomb attack?

The only thing I’m afraid of when I walk into a Walmart is some lunatic walks in with a gun and starts shooting up the place. But that’s because these lunatics depend on the element of surprise to achieve their goal of hurting and killing as many people as possible.

Believe me, no one who wants to commit mass murder and destruction calls to warn you first. But every time we close a Walmart, another jester gets the idea to call another bomb threat. Who knows why? Just for the sake of seeing a store panic and close for a few hours?

I think we can safely assume that bomb threats are just that: threats.

So the next time someone calls a bomb threat at a Walmart or any other place of business here in New Jersey, let’s all be reasonable. Go about your day as if you never got the call. None of the buyers will be further notified.

If you are anxious and tend to worry about the bombings at Walmart, you really only have to worry on the days that you do NOT get the warning call.

The views expressed in the above post are those of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco only.

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