Growing investigation at Avon Lake daycare center where child’s arm was broken

AVON LAKE, Ohio (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team has uncovered a growing investigation into a local daycare center where a toddler broke his leg, police say, at the hands of a worker.

Now that worker could face other charges and police are looking at the video to find other incidents.

On Thursday, Emily Coghlan walked into Avon Lake Municipal Court for a hearing. Police said she worked in a room with toddlers at Sweet Kiddles daycare.

But, according to investigators, she grabbed a child by the arm, swung him out of the way and dropped him, causing his right leg to fracture.

The daycare fired Coghlan and she faces criminal charges of child endangerment and assault.

She waived a hearing, which means the case will now go to a Lorain County grand jury. This could result in more charges.

In court on Thursday, the little victim and her parents watched.

“It’s extremely important,” said the child’s mother, Nadine Porcelli. “These children had been there for months and years. They are not yet getting the justice they need and hopefully they will get it now.

Meanwhile, Avon Lake police say they are watching video of the daycare more than the day of the incident that led to the charges.

Police say they are looking more closely at any other “suspicious” material beyond the case that sparked the investigation.

The police told us that Coghlan had asked them to escort him to his car after the hearing.

His lawyer, Kreig Brusnahan, spoke to the I-Team.

“There’s a lot more to this thing on both sides, I think,” he said. “Our thoughts are with the little man who was unfortunately injured in this case. Our thoughts are with him and we look forward to bringing this case to court.

The child’s mum and dad see him slowly recovering.

Lawyer Marco Bocciarelli along with Friedman, Domiano and Smith worked to prepare for a civil lawsuit.

FOX 8 has learned that other parents at that daycare turned to the law firm, also watching video of their children in the room where Coghlan worked.

She pleads not guilty. The parents of the victim in this case are waiting for justice.

“It’s just important to show support for my son for what happened and all the other kids this has happened to,” said the boy’s father, Jim Tabor.

Sweet Kiddles cooperated with investigators. We reported earlier that the daycare has a very good record with the state agency that oversees child care, but the state also reviews daycares carefully after any serious incidents.