Avon population

Government should prevent deliberate damage caused by railway strikes

Rude to chickens

SIR – Proposed renaming monkeypox as it is not usually caught by monkeys (report, June 15). Presumably, they will also rename chickenpox.

Dr Martin Keech
Bramley, Surrey

Rights of owners

SIR – Just about every new bill proposed by Michael Gove (report, June 16) favors the tenant.

I’m all for tenants having security of tenure, but I also like them paying their rent. I have just seen a tenant leave owing £6000 in rent and have paid around £5500 to return the property to rental condition.

Although there are many S21 (no foul) expulsions, that doesn’t mean there really was no foul. A former tenant of mine was “taken in” by a drug gang, which involved a search of the property by the police. (Any damage caused by the police, and there was a lot of it, must be repaired by the landlord.) We used an S21 order to get the tenant out of the property because, left to the courts, he would likely still be in possession .

Tony Hill
Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire

SIR – Michael Gove’s latest proposals do not seem to take into account the large student rental market, which is based on the academic year.

I offer private accommodation shared by groups of up to five students, with rentals beginning July 1 and ending June 30. Students usually start researching and committing to their next year around March. All parties – owners, current and potential tenants – know that the property will become vacant in time for the new takeover to take possession on July 1.

Now that new regulations appear to prohibit fixed-term rental contracts, how can landlords who cater specifically to the student market operate effectively?

John Guy
Bromsgrove, Worcestershire

SIR – David (Lord) Frost writes with good judgment about the unintended consequences of proposed new property rental legislation. He should be top of the list for the new Prime Minister when Boris Johnson steps down (as he will).

John Tilsiter
Radlett, Hertfordshire

A wobbly star

SIR – “Even those who thought he was brilliant… were often appalled by his apparent lack of judgment, his tendency to hyperbole, over-excitement, even hysteria. He behaved with a death-defying self-confidence. He was thought to be inherently untrustworthy. He was born under a wobbly star. This was Boris Johnson’s description of Winston Churchill in his 2014 biography.

I wonder what the great man would have written about Mr. Johnson.

Chris Roycroft Davis
Pinner, Middlesex

SIR – Why would anyone need an ethics counsellor?

Richard Doran
Wrotham Heath, Kent