Do you hate reusable bags? Try these hysterics for the NJ bag ban

I finally began to prepare for the inevitable. No, not death or taxes. I’m talking about New Jersey’s ban on single-use plastic bags that begins May 4.

I finally bought three reusable bags when I was at Aldi the other night. Of course, their name is on the bright green bag so I pay for their publicity. Serves the stores to do this because guess what? I don’t always shop there. So I will bring Aldi bags to competing grocery stores like Stop n’ Shop and ShopRite and vice versa. Too bad.

Then I also bought a fourth reusable bag with the Yankees logo. At least that one won’t give store managers agida.

I asked myself. Is there a better way? A more sarcastic way? A more playful way?

If we’re all stuck doing something a lot of us don’t want to do at all, can we at least have a little fun with it? I looked to see if there were any reusable grocery bags that had something funny or at least amusing written on them.

Oh yes. Yes there is.

Take this handy dandy that will leave everyone lost if they’re not old enough to know who this guy is.

Here’s a smaller one good for maybe some quick convenience store runs.

Want to be flexible while shopping? Try that.

Drug addiction is a big problem in the Garden State. This reusable bag tackles it head-on.

Here’s one that pretty much sums it up.

custom girl

custom girl

This one is great.

You might need this one in a crowded grocery store.

For the deep thinker.

Finally, a reusable bag might work better than any dating app.

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