Council plans to form building code appeal board

Aug. 6—WINDHAM — City council is considering forming a building code appeal board.

“It’s really a check and balance for how the building manager does their job,” said board member Steven Edelman.

According to state law 29.266a, each municipality may appoint an appeal board consisting of five members, all of whom must meet the qualifications set forth in the state building code.

The law states that residents have the right to appeal to the local appeal board when they feel the regulations have been misinterpreted or misinterpreted.

Council President Dawn Niles said she wanted information from the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, to which the city of Windham belongs.

Windham building official Joe Smith, who has worked for the town for four years, said he was not sure if such a council had been set up in Windham in the past.

It is unclear whether such advice is in place now. Windham City Manager Jim Rivers said that in towns without a local appeal board, residents can appeal to the state building official, who would make a decision based on the building official’s decision. municipal building. He said he spoke to the city attorney about the matter.

Cities in Connecticut with such a council include Norwich, Plainfield, and Avon.

Rivers said if an entrepreneur is unhappy and doesn’t get the response they’re looking for, they often come to his office. He said the codes aren’t “black and white.”

“Every project is different,” Rivers said, noting that most issues are resolved.

Smith said people often call the state building office to ask questions.

“It’s easier than a call,” he said. “Sometimes they call me for clarification.

He said responses from state building offices have been “very slow” over the past few years due to the pandemic and staffing issues, but he hopes response times can improve under the direction of the new state building inspector, Omarys Vasquez.

Lamont announced that he nominated Vasquez on August 3.

Smith said occasionally that his office received a written call, but that he did not recall any of these during his stay in Windham.

He said the building code

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