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Central Minnesota electoral precincts change soon after lines redraw

(KNSI) — Some central Minnesota residents will vote for new representatives after the state releases its redrawn electoral districts. The district was redrawn by a court-appointed committee.

Minnesota’s 6th congressional district in Stearns County lost the cities of Avon, Cold Spring, Richmond, Kimball, and Holdingford. Congressman Tom Emmer represents the district. The towns are now in Minnesota’s 7th congressional district, represented by Michelle Fischbach. The 7th District also gained all of Morrison County, which was previously part of the 8th Congressional District.

St. Cloud, Sartell, Sauk Rapids, Waite Park, St. Joseph, Rockville and St. Augusta will remain in the 6th Congressional District, as will Benton, Sherburne and Wright County. The 6th arrondissement has lost territory because population centers in the arrondissement, such as the Saint-Cloud area, have expanded. According to redistricting data, 104,017 people in Stearns County live in the 6th District and 54,275 live in the 7th District.

Minnesota and the rest of the states redraw electoral district lines every ten years based on the most recent census. The districts are based on the 2020 population census, with each congressional district representing approximately 713,300 people in Minnesota.

Lines for Minnesota Legislative Districts have also been redrawn, but there will be no changes for district representatives in the St. Cloud area. St. Cloud remains in Senate District 14. Minnesota House District 14A will include South St. Cloud, Waite Park and St. Augusta. District 14B will include North and East St. Cloud and

The most significant change to the central Minnesota legislative maps was to make most of Benton County, including Foley, Rice, and Gilman, go into District 10B. The area was part of 15B.

Area state legislators include District 14 Senator Aric Putnam, District 13 Senator Jeff Howe and District 15 Senator Andrew Mathews, 15B Representative Shane Mekeland, 15A Representative Sondra Erickson, 14A Representative Tama Theis, Rep. 14B Dan Wolgamott, Rep. 13A Lisa Demuth and Rep. 13B. Representative Tim O’Driscoll.

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