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Bradford on Avon City Council halts sale of Becky Addy Wood

Bradford on Avon City Council has voted dramatically to withdraw the proposal to sell Becky Addy Wood.

At its plenary meeting on Tuesday September 6, Bradford on Avon City Council voted unanimously to withdraw its proposal to sell Becky Addy Wood to a group of friends.

He has now reopened the public trail through the forest for safe use by the entire community.

At its July full council meeting, the city council agreed to the terms that it would agree to sell the old woodlot to the Friends of Becky Addy Wood.

FROBAW members formed a limited liability company and offered to take over the timber after claiming they had been “kicked out” of its joint management by the council.

The terms of the contractual agreement between the two parties provided for a time frame within which the sale had to be concluded due to the town hall‘s obligation to undertake work to secure the trees.

The council said some work on the trees needed to be completed immediately as it posed a risk to public safety.

In a statement on its website, the council said: ‘At the last full council meeting, the council noted that FROBAW LTD had not agreed to the terms or met the deadlines.

“City councilors are pleased that the most urgent work was completed between Monday August 8 and Tuesday September 6 where eight trees were safely felled while 11 were monoliths. This is a minimal intervention to secure diseased trees.

The council added: “During the winter period, the council will take the same careful and environmentally friendly approach, as it undertakes work on around 50 trees which have been identified as a risk to public safety.

“The Town Hall only works on trees that pose a risk to public safety.

“This work will complement emergency tree work first identified during a tree inspection carried out in October 2021.

“Completing the emergency works will allow Bradford on Avon City Council to focus on the recovery and long-term management of a forest that has been neglected for many years.

“Becky Addy Wood is an old growth forest, which has been damaged and neglected. In its continued stewardship of the forest, Bradford on Avon City Council will put ecology at the heart of its concerns.

“City council plans for forest management should improve this so that all habitat, including rare flora and fauna, can be better protected, while still being safely enjoyed by the community. ”