Avon Historical Society Opens Post Office Timeline Display

The Historical Society has created a timeline of the history of the Avon Post Office, which will be on display through March. COURTESY OF HISTORIC AVON SOCIETY

AVON-BY-THE-SEA – The Avon Historical Society announced at a recent meeting that a new exhibit is now open February through March at the Avon Post Office. The exhibit, created by members of the company, summarizes a lineage of postmasters and the history of Avon’s postal services.

According to company president Norah Magrini, Avon was incorporated as the official county township of Monmouth in 1900, but the post office’s history goes beyond when the area was known as Key East. She explained that the first area where 1800s residents picked up their mail was west of the train tracks on West Sylvania Avenue.

“The first post office was established for the area in 1869 and was run by William Laird,” she said.


Neptune Township originally operated mail services west of the railroad tracks, according to members of the historical society.

“Benjamin Stanton was Avon’s first postmaster in 1886 when we were called Key East and he is in the first photo in the exhibit. He remained in his post when we changed the name to Avon-by- the-Sea in 1889 and was incorporated on March 23, 1900,” she said.

“It moved three more times before being established at 321 Main Street in 1955,” she said.

In the exhibition there are several photos of postmasters that show the borough chronologically and a map that shows the development over time of the history of post office locations, a postal scale, a postman, postage stamps, a plaque and newspaper articles.

“There are pictures of two postmasters: Charles White and Benjamin Stanton from the 1800s and two letter carriers from the 1900s: Steve Lusardi and Francis Reid,” she said.

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