Avon Commissioners Zoom meeting disrupted by hackers – Star News Group

AVON-EN-MER — Borough officials postponed a meeting with Commissioner Avon that started at 5pm on Monday but ended abruptly due to a hacking incident.

Several hackers entered the Zoom meeting ten minutes into it as officials conducted the workshop session.

Borough Administrator Kerry McGuigan disconnected the meeting as pirates were shouting obscenities and posting obscene pictures.


No formal action has been taken by the commissioners.

A new meeting link was not immediately created due to the state of New Jersey’s requirement to provide 48 hours notice for all meetings on the municipality’s website, Mayor Ed Bonanno said. , adding that once determined, a postponement date will be published on the Borough’s website. tomorrow.

The mayor believes the catch-up meeting will be held at the Avon Municipal Marina, located at 2 Main Street, Thursday at 5 or 5:30 p.m.

“I think they’ll be live from now on, we were going to try to do one or two more virtual meetings and then in May we’re going live, but now at this point with what’s going on we’re just going go live meetings,” the mayor said.

The borough, which has been holding its meetings of commissioners virtually since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and has not experienced any incidents of hacking in the past.

“Since COVID, we have been holding meetings remotely and preparing to resume in-person meetings,” the commissioner noted. Jean Magrini.

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