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Avon City Council: Voters Elect Experienced Leaders

Voters voted in person Tuesday at Avon City Hall in Avon. Voter turnout was high throughout the day.
Chris Dillmann/Vail Daily

According to the preliminary results of the vote, the next city council of Avon will be an experienced group. City voters re-elected both the incumbents and Avon’s former mayor, as well as a first council member who is a longtime local.

Incumbents Tamra Nottingham Underwood and Chico Thuon were both on their way to their second consecutive terms, with Underwood securing the most votes of any candidate with 824 votes and Thuon coming in third with 774 votes.

Tamra Nottingham Underwood
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Underwood served as city attorney from 1989 to 1990 and first served on Avon City Council from 2004 to 2008, before being elected to her second term in 2018. Now elected to her third term, Underwood said that she felt reaffirmed by the decision of the community. to reinstate it again.

“It’s just exciting to see other Avon voters reinforcing what I’ve been doing for four years and they would love to see more,” Underwood said. “I work really hard at this job, and I think the voting results reflect that, so I’m so happy and really honored.”

Chico Thuon
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Thuon, a real estate agent and ski instructor who has lived in the valley for 34 years, said he believes his re-election was the result of his direct access and open communication style with voters, a bond he plans to continue in his next term.

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“I just think it’s really great that people believe I speak for them,” Thuon said. “I picked up the phone and talked to people and I appreciate them and how they feel.”

Rich Carroll, the former mayor of Avon who served on city council from 2006 to 2014 before reaching his consecutive term limit, was re-elected to council for his third term after tying Underwood at the top with 824 votes.

Rich Carroll
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Caroll said he felt called back to serve after an eight-year hiatus to tackle challenges like the housing crisis and was inspired by the quality of serving board members.

“I missed public service, number one,” Carroll said. “Secondly, I think it’s a really, really good group of board members that’s up there and I want to serve with those people with a good exchange of ideas. I think we’ll have a great dynamic up there. .

Ruth Stanley, real estate broker and current member of Avon’s Cultural Arts Special Events Committee, makes her City Council debut after securing 661 votes, putting her ahead of the only other first-time candidate on the ballot, Calyn Rieger , by 131 votes. .

Ruth Stanley
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Stanley, a 23-year resident of Avon, regularly attends city council meetings and looks forward to working on city initiatives and decisions from her own seat on council.

“After all the work I’ve done to come to meetings and be part of the city, and now being able to really work, it’s very exciting,” Stanley said. “I really wanted to, and I think I worked hard and got to know myself and met a lot of people, a lot of new people, and I hope everyone comes to council meetings. municipal. This is one of the main priorities of my program is to involve more people in what we do.

The new city council will meet for its first meeting next Tuesday, November 15. To view city council meetings and access documents, visit Avon.org.