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Avon City Council Sets 2022 Budget, Establishes Committee, Approves Development Resolution – Hendricks County ICON – Web Edition

Compiled by Peg McRoy Glover

Avon City Council met on October 7 at Avon Town Hall. See the meeting on the city’s Facebook page and YouTube. The next meeting is scheduled for 21 October 6570 EUS 36 at 7 p.m. ICNE will report on this meeting in the next issue.

What happened: The city hired Lehman and Lehman to help update the city’s recreational rates. A five-member committee acts as a steering committee and makes recommendations to the Parks Advisory Board, the Planning Commission and the Council. The first committee was formed in 2017.

What does that mean: By law, 40% of this committee must be members of the development community such as developers, real estate agents or builders. The board reappointed builder and developer John Lazaro, real estate agent Rebecca Harp and Grant Niemeyer from the plan commission. Newly appointed real estate agent Dan Laser, City Council Liaison Robert Pope and City Manager Ryan Cannon. Staff consultants include City Lawyer Dan Taylor, Planning Director Bill Peeples and Chuck Lehman representing Lehman and Lehman.

What happened: The 2022 municipal budget of 6.12 million dollars has been definitively approved and adopted. The proposed budget for 2022 was presented in August, and a public hearing and discussion took place on September 23.

What does that mean: The budget reflects an adjustment to the cost of living of up to 3% for employees, the addition of an executive assistant to the office of the general manager, an increase in the base salary of police officers to $ 60,000, two more police officers and an increase in funds for the police technology. Road maintenance funding has been increased to $ 100,000 for additional paving and pavement markings.

What happened: The council approved a declaratory resolution of the redevelopment commission extending, enlarging and consolidating the Avon Economic Development Zone (TIF District).

What does that mean: The redevelopment commission passed a declaratory resolution in 1999 which established a TIF zone in Avon. This amended resolution adds property to the district of TIF which is bordered to the north by the CSX rail yard, to the east by Raceway Road and to the north of Sunchase Wood, along the western boundary of Sun hunting to County Road 100 South to Burnett Woods, then to Dan Jones. (See map.) This declaratory resolution returns to the hands of the redevelopment commission to create a resolution that will officially establish this TIF zone.

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