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Avon City Council Hears Youth Council Proposal, Approves Interlocal Agreement – Hendricks County ICON – Web Edition

Compiled by Peg McRoy Glover

Avon City Council met on December 16 at Avon Town Hall. Meetings can be accessed on the city’s Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter. The council meets on the second and fourth Thursday of each month, 6570 EUS 36. The next scheduled meeting is January 13 at 7 pm at the town hall, 6570 EUS 36.

What happened: Board Chair Dawn Lowden encouraged Avon residents to visit the city’s website, contact a board member or City Manager Ryan Cannon if they are interested in serving as members of Avon. a committee, council or commission.

What does that mean: Members of the board, commissions and committees are appointed and announced in January. Service requests are posted on the city’s website under each department’s pages. Email addresses for each board member can be found at http://avongov.org/council.

What happened: An interlocal agreement between Avon and Hendricks County has been approved for the improvement of County Road 900 East. The county will construct drainage improvements and a trail along County Road 900 E from County Road 100 N up to 1/2 mile north. The city will bear the costs associated with the construction of the portion of the trail.

What does that mean: Hendricks County is the agency responsible for construction on this project and will make all required filings and applications with state and federal agencies. There was a flooding problem on the east side of County Road 900 East, and the county is building a new drainage system to alleviate this problem. The City’s Trails and Sidewalks Master Plan calls for a multi-use trail along this area. The city is partnering with the county and it is estimated that Avon will pay $ 195,095 for the construction of the half-mile portion of the trail. The cost of this trail is significantly reduced to the city by relying on county construction. Cannon said the city normally spends around $ 1 million per mile on similar projects. The county is expected to begin construction on the drainage project in January. It is expected that the trail will be completed by the summer.

What happened: Avon forms a Youth Community Engagement Council to help create a strategic vision for the future direction of Avon from a youth perspective. Young board members will participate in leadership training, meet once a month, and work on projects to improve Avon.

What does that mean: This program will educate children on what their government is doing and give them an active role in solving community problems. Cannon is working with Matt Hines, vice-principal of Avon High School, and Jim Dittoe, owner of Winning Communities, to create the council. Winning Communities is a community planning, visioning and consulting company that helps communities develop their futures. Cannon said Dittoe has developed this program in other communities and will implement the program. Hines and Cannon will manage the program. The cost of implementation is $ 5,000.