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Avon city council candidate: Minervini wants to restore public confidence


Avon City Council candidate John Minervini

AVON – John Minervini and his wife, Virginia, have lived and voted in the city for eight years. They have been married for 31 years and their three children are now grown up and living away from home.

A seasoned business executive, Minervini teaches part-time as a business professor at Colorado Mountain College, and he says attracting new businesses and creating more public-private partnerships will improve the city’s economy.

“Partnering with some of the businesses in our city will definitely increase our income,” he said.

Minervini served on the city’s planning and zoning commission for more than three years and believes he would be a welcome addition to the council as well.

“My talents for common sense and action would bring positive changes to Avon City Council,” he said.

One of Minervini’s goals is also to “restore public confidence” in the board, he said.

“The recent rush to complete the Nottingham Park pavilion and the new Skier Building Town Hall will cost taxpayers millions of dollars, with cost overruns now approaching $ 2 million,” he said. “These projects deserve more time, a lot of public input and much better analysis. “

Minervini’s third major goal is to help shape a better future and a better vision for Avon, he said.

“Our city is a unique destination with tremendous potential,” said Minervini. “If we fail to plan for our future, then we should plan for our failure in the future.”


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