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Avon City Council candidate Chico Thuon in his own words

Chico Thuon
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The Vail Daily is hosting a Q&A with the five candidates vying for four Avon City Council seats. The questionnaires will be conducted in alphabetical order. Candidates each run for a four-year term in nonpartisan elections. According to the city charter, the four candidates who receive the most votes in the general election will fill the vacant seats.

The city council vote will be part of the election on Tuesday, Nov. 8, which is conducted as an election by mail and is coordinated with the Eagle County Clerk and Recorder’s office. Ballots will be mailed starting October 17, 2022.

Last name: Chico Thuon
Occupation: Real estate agent/Ski instructor
Place of residence: Wildridge
Length of Residence in Eagle County: 34 years old

Have you served on any other boards/commissions/councils in Eagle County or elsewhere?

I have served on the Avon City Council for the past four years.

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Why do you want to serve on the Avon City Council?

The number one reason for serving on the board is to show my three young children that you need to give back to your community.

What did the current council do well?

I think the current council has done a good job of keeping government transparent and creating better options and solutions for down payments on home purchases for residents.

What could the current council have done better?

I think as individuals, councils and society, we all need to do a better job of listening and determining the real needs of the community. There is too much time and resources focused on desires. On the contrary, our needs should be our primary focus, while taking better care of what we already have. Maintaining our assets is also important.

As housing continues to be one of the county and city’s biggest challenges, what options do you think the Avon City Council should explore to create/obtain critical workforce housing ?

I think there needs to be a greater effort on public-private partnerships as well as on obtaining more subsidies. Then, pull the trigger to build housing; conversation is cheap and often yields nothing.

What is the issue you hear the most about from Avon residents? What do you hope to do to resolve this problem, if elected?

There are a few issues that seem to be cropping up that are very important. This includes an emergency exit out of Wildridge in the event of a cataclysmic fire. Currently there is only one safe way in and out. Sirens are great, but they only tell us that things are on fire. Sirens do not help our safe exit strategy if the exit is blocked.

Second, create housing in real time. It’s expensive; It will always seem expensive, but now is the time to go. We have to start now.