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Avon City Council candidate Calyn Rieger in her own words

Calyn Rieger
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The Vail Daily is hosting a Q&A with the five candidates vying for four Avon City Council seats. The questionnaires will be conducted in alphabetical order. Candidates each run for a four-year term in nonpartisan elections. According to the city charter, the four candidates who receive the most votes in the general election will fill the vacant seats.

The city council vote will be part of the election on Tuesday, Nov. 8, which is conducted as an election by mail and is coordinated with the Eagle County Clerk and Recorder’s office. Ballots will be mailed starting October 17, 2022.

Last name: Calyn Rieger
Occupation: Owner Service Representative for Riverfront Lodge & Townhomes
Place of residence: Near Nottingham Lake
Length of Residence in Eagle County: 2 years

Have you served on any other boards/commissions/councils in Eagle County or elsewhere?

Throughout my life, my mental philosophy is to continue to develop my leadership skills and follow my heart.

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In 2014, I served on the Service Learning Committee and two other people from my high school inspired me to serve those around me. From 2015 to 2019, Americorps and Future Farmers of America enabled my passion for the environment and motivated me to seize every opportunity to develop tested leadership skills. While at Ripon College, I was a student senate board member and Theta Chi, a two-sport NCAA DIII student-athlete and part of my college community. I have been in the hospitality management from 2018 to present, mainly playing an active role on the front line.

Why do you want to serve on the Avon City Council?

My intention in running for Avon City Council is to serve the community and make the world a better place. Being from rural Minnesota, I strive to help my neighbor and enjoy my surroundings.

What did the current council do well?

As someone who considers themselves an environmental steward, our City Council has done an incredible job of leading the way in climate action and creating a sustainable future. For example, our city council has set a goal to reduce carbon emissions and has done so by installing e-bikes, obtaining LEED certification for buildings, installing more renewable resources and planting many trees.

What could the current council have done better?

I would like our municipal council to be more diverse. I would like to see an LGBTQ, Hispanic, and younger member elected to our council.

As housing continues to be one of the county and city’s biggest challenges, what options do you think the Avon City Council should explore to create/obtain critical workforce housing ?

As a renter here in Avon, I understand the difficulty of looking for housing, affordable housing to be exact. I think our community understands that affordable housing is limited because Eagle County Classifieds was my source for finding rental housing. As a community, we work together to support our neighbors and I offer ideas to create more housing opportunities.

Our town hall can start by extending the Mi Casa program to long-term tenants. Our council can build a 24-hour road and park that would benefit our transportation system and those who live in their vans.

When making decisions to build more in our community, I will think with an environmental conscience. I want to preserve the landscape as much as possible, have access to green spaces and public transit, and remain affordable. I strongly believe that people shouldn’t have two or three jobs to make a living here.

What is the issue you hear the most about from Avon residents? What do you hope to do to resolve this problem, if elected?

From July until today, many people have expressed concern about our local transit system, paid parking and community representation.

To better serve our community, I would like to make our transit system more accessible by having a mobile app to see live updates, buy tickets (ECO Transit) and build more stops/park-o- bus.

As someone who understands that the cost of living is high here, the only way I can vote for paid parking is for those who commute to work in Avon or the premises to be exempt from paying for parking. I don’t want to raise taxes or create fees for us who work here at Avon.

I plan to maximize community representation in two ways. First, create a municipal diversity and inclusion committee. Second, get elected. I’m a LGBTQ community member, environmental steward, military kid, and the youngest person to run for this position in a long time.