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Avon City Council approves police vehicle purchase and leadership training. – Hendricks County ICNE – Web Edition

Compiled by Peg McRoy Glover

Avon City Council met on September 23 at Avon Town Hall. The meeting can be viewed on the city’s Facebook page and on YouTube. The next scheduled meeting is at 7:00 pm on October 7, 6570 EUS 36. ICNE will report on this meeting in the next issue.

What happened: The board approved the police department’s purchase of three Chevrolet Tahoe police chase vehicles. Five were ordered last year. The budget for the year 2021-22 allows the purchase of six vehicles.

What does that mean: APD placed an order in September 2020 with Kelley Chevrolet, which has the state’s offer for police pursuit vehicles, for five Tahoes. Due to supply chain issues, they are expected to arrive in mid-October 2021. In July, Kelley Chevrolet ordered three additional Police Chase Tahoes and offered them to the Avon Police Department for the same base price of. $ 34,490 than those bought in 2020. The vehicles are also expected to arrive in October. Given the difficulty of acquiring new vehicles, the council approved the purchase. The cost of three vehicles is $ 103,470, with a total expenditure of $ 275,920 for all eight. This does not include the cost of installing emergency equipment.

What happened: The board approved the quote for a staff leadership training session with the Gallagher-Westfall group. This training series is intended for 25 employees, will last 10 days and cost $ 34,200.

What does that mean: City Manager Ryan Cannon said the city previously offered this training to the city, and it establishes a cohesive leadership culture and ensures that department heads implement appropriate leadership techniques. Ten people from the city and 15 from the police department will participate on topics such as leading oneself, leading others, leading as a coach and leading within an organization.

What happened: Joe Lenehan, Director of Land Use Planning for Olthof Homes, gave an introductory presentation for a Planned Unit Development (PUD) on County Road 200 North and a request to zoning 122 acres of land Farms located at E. County Road 100 S and S. County Road 450 E. Olthof Homes takes advice from council before presenting these proposals to the redevelopment committee.

What does that mean: The proposed PUD is 16.6 acres of farmland between County Road 900 East and North Ronald Reagan Drive. The proposal includes a single-family row apartment complex with a community of 55+. The board responded that they liked Olthof’s product but not the location of this PUD.

The rezoning of the 122 acres of farmland located at E. County Road 100 South and S. County Road 450 E drew strong statements of opposition from council members Greg Zusan and Dawn Lowden. When this property was annexed to the city two years ago, promises were made to adjacent landowners, and this proposal does not fit into those commitments. Zusan said Olthof is to have a conversation with adjacent landowners about their proposal to develop this land.

Lenehan said they would continue talks with adjacent landowners of the 122 acres.

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