Author: Pamela Bradley

Loan for a student without a job

The student also has a man and needs. There are situations when a learner urgently needs a few hundred zlotys, e.g. for a study installment, driving course, trip, renovation or moving house. Regardless of the purpose and purpose, hardly anyone wants to lend money to a person who is not yet working, and who is, […]

Contract and work contract loans – where to get them?

A common problem faced by applicants for a bank loan is refusal due to employment not based on the employment contract. Although such people work and it happens that they achieve higher incomes than if they worked full-time, the bank recognizes that they have no guaranteed employment and are not credible borrowers. The need for […]


Debt Settlement With Payday Loan

  We have repeatedly discussed the benefits of debt settlement with a payday loan, but for the sake of our new readers, we will take up the subject again, this time from a different perspective. When is it worth solving this with a payday loan? Debt settlement with a payday loan The essence of debt […]


Where to borrow 1000 euros? Request a mini loan

The car suddenly breaks down and the bill is quite high … it can just happen. You have no money to pay this bill immediately. The first thing you think is where can I borrow 1000 euros? If you have asked all your acquaintances and they cannot help you, you can always request a mini […]


Quick money in the account for the holiday?

It is already April again and most people have already booked the holiday. Although the holiday allowance is still awaiting. If you also want to book a holiday and actually want to use the holiday pay to make the down payment, for example, there is another way. As everyone knows, most holiday destinations are fully […]


Borrow money without BKR | Mini loan without BKR

Do you want to borrow money without BKR? A mini loan without BKR can be easily and quickly concluded online. Borrowing money without a BKR check has never been so easy as requesting a mini loan. The mini loan means extra spending room for the short term. Even if you are registered negatively at the […]